New Safety & Health

We read an interesting article from SHP recently about a new view on Safety and Health. They are trying a new campaign in conjunction with Safety and Health Expo to try and change perceptions and to inspire the next generation.

As they put it, "Health and safety professionals are still often viewed negatively within organisations, as discovered in a recent poll on SHP which found that 90% of industry professionals believe that health and safety has an image problem".

New Safety and Health is:

  • Holistic – Caring for both mental and physical health.
  • Disruptive – Embracing new approaches and technologies.
  • Business Leadership – Driving cultural change from the frontline to the boardroom.
  • Innovative – Finding creative solutions to problems.
  • Inclusive – Celebrating diversity of views and individuals.
  • Sustainable – Championing environmentally responsible business values.

They have also asked for people within or working within health and safety to take their survey. If you would like to take part in their survey visit SHP Survey.

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