HSE Fees for Intervention - Review

Health and Safety ExecutiveThe FFI Scheme was introduced in October 2012 as a method to allow the HSE to recover investigation costs directly from a business found to be in material breach of health & safety legislation. There has been mush to do about these 'fees' as many feel they are unwarranted and are seen as a 'way of making money' for the HSE.

However an independent review of the FFI process has now taken place. The outcome is that, as of September 2017, the panel reviewing disputed invoices under the Fee For Intervention (FFI) Scheme will be fully independent of the HSE. In addition, businesses will receive more information from the HSE on why a material breach was identified and what investigations were carried out. These changes should allow for a more transparent and independent review process going forwards.

If you would like to know more about FFI please visit HSE FFI pages for more information.

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