CSCS Card Update

Person in Hard HatWith more and more fraudulent practices in place within the building industry we note that there is hope! The National Demolition Training Group can now provide an on-site smart card audit. The audit is carried out by CECA and Build UK.

This is not the only area that has fallen ill of these types of fraud, however it is great to see that there are those who offer this service. Making sure, at a minimum, that all the cards checked are still valid (not expired) and that none were fraudulent. Additionally they have introduced CCDO card which is now industry approved.

This means that organisations can actively demonstrate their compliance. There are lots of benefits of this type of scheme including making sure your operatives have the right skills and training for the job. As well as this it means your new people can be confident they are part of an organisation that knows, and takes seriously, the requirements under the CDM2015 regulations as well as the HSWA.