Health & Safety and Social Media - Is it Really Worth it?

Yes is the short answer! Why do it? 5 Reasons below....

  1. Social Media Pictures.JPGEveryone is doing it! From the moment children (digital natives) are born - they are introduced into a world of sharing, reviewing and browsing. And of course gaming. But it's not just children – its adults too! With this information you can start your mission knowing the audience is diverse and very broad.
  2. Building a health and safety community can help bring people together with similar interests – which creates an ongoing virtual networking opportunity. This can be a great venue to share best practice and keep in touch with your peers!
  3. You can get answers to your questions a lot more quickly (sometimes!) than trying to track the expert down by conventional methods like phone or email.
  4. Videos shared on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube tend to be short so it is an opportunity for you to produce content that is visual as well as short and sweet, therefore easier to digest!
  5. So many people have access to social media resulting in few or no inequalities in the provision of information.

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Enjoy your social media adventure...

Rachel Gray

Marketing and Media


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