e-Petition for Waste Management Regulations

Red Tape ChallengeFor those of you in the know, the government is looking to scrap with waste management regulations. The Red Tape Challenge recommended scrapping the regulations but we believe this would be a very bad move for several reasons:

  • Construction companies could revert to their old habits which are far from environmentally friendly
  • More waste will end up going to landfill
  • The audit trail of waste from construction sites would be lost, which could lead to more fly-tipping
  • When SWMPs are implemented using best practice they actually save contractors money 
  • They are NOT the burden that this Government seems to think they are

We need to voice our opinions at the Public Consultation to be held later this year in order to retain these Regulations and maintain the good habits that they have started. Please join us in requesting that this Government retain the Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) Regulations 2008 by clicking on the link below and signing. Thank You!

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