Ear Protectors Insufficiant - Does the Client care?

Ear ProtectionA company was fined £16,000 when it did not take proper measures to reduce noise exposure at its factory. Equestrian Surfaces Ltd was put on trial by the HSE, when it risked the hearing of its employees but not taking action to the improvement notice in spite of two extensions given to it.

We hope this isn't the tip of the ice-berg; the more cutting back there is, the more we believe accidents will happen. Mind you there are those that are saying we are now employing people with appropriate skills and getting rid of those less qualified which should mean fewer accidents.

As Clients, and with a continuance of hard times to come, we need to ensure that those we employ are competent for the roles within construction and asbestos management. In addition to this we need to ensure we do all we can to protect those working on our behalf, it's not the time to go cutting back. In fact its a good time to review our processes to see where we can make improvements, saving lives as well as saving money.

-- [Original link no longer available:] read more on the Health & Safety News website

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