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Ear Protectors Insufficiant - Does the Client care?

A company was fined £16,000 when it did not take proper measures to reduce noise exposure at its factory. Equestrian Surfaces Ltd was put on trial by the HSE, when it risked the hearing of its employees but not taking action to the improvement notice in spite of two extensions given to it. We hope this isn't the tip of the ice-berg; the more cutting back there is, the more we believe accidents will happen. Mind you there are those that are saying we are now employing people with appropriate...
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Asbestos Victims Finally Get Compensation

97 Indian citizens poisoned by asbestos have finally secured compensation for injuries sustained at the hands of a British company - Turner & Newall Ltd (T&N). For more than 60 years T&N operated asbestos factories in India. The company processed asbestos and sold a range of asbestos products. According to campaigners, conditions were appalling and employees were routinely exposed to massive levels of cancer-causing asbestos fibre. When workers got sick or died, they were quickly replaced by...
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PFI: National Audit

There has been a very damning National Audit Report on the M25 widening scheme. It's not the first PFI project that has come under fire, the Royal Liverpool University hospital PFI is currently being delayed. What's this all about? It seems that the argument over value for money has gone awry. PFI schemes were the preferred method as they were more likely to come in on time and within budget. They also allowed government to spread the up-front cost over a much bigger timeframe. Why the change of...
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Newsletter - November 2010

The November 2010 edition of the Ai Solutions Newsletter is now available: November Newsletter.
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