HSE Advice - Working at Height & using ladders safely

On average 13 people a year die at work falling from ladders and nearly 1200 suffer major injuries. More than a quarter of falls happen from ladders.

HSE's key message is that that ladders should only be used for low-risk, short-duration work.

What do I need to know?

The Work at Height Regulations (2005) came into force in April 2005. Employers have a duty to assess the risks, plan and supervise all workers who work at height. You will find guidance about the regulations in the working at height regulations 2005, they cover the following:

  • What is 'work at height'?
  • What the regulations cover
  • Do the rules apply to you?
  • What you must do as an employer
  • When can ladders be used?

Ladders can be used if after assessing the risks the use of more suitable work equipment is not justified because of the low risk and short duration.

Short duration is taken to be between 15 and 30 minutes depending upon the task.

Ladders can also be used for low risk work where there are features on the site that mean a ladder must be used.

For more on this topic follow this link for using ladders safely.

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