ToolKit CS - Release 10 (Service Pack 5)

New In Release 10

Alerts and Reminders

ToolKit CS™ now includes combined Alerts and Reminders. Reminders for tasks, for instance, have been included in ToolKit CS™ for some time. The latest enhancement also includes alerts for;

  • overdue Competence Reviews (on suppliers for instance in CDM or asbestos management roles)
  • overdue Reviews of Preferred Suppliers

Alerts and reminders have options to Dismiss, Snooze or Open. The new routines include several control settings to determine how they should be displayed to individual users, with a new access route via the system tray.

System Tray

The system tray is generally found in the lower right hand corner of the Windows desktop. ToolKit CS™ now has an icon in the system tray to allow users to open, restore or exit the product, and to show and control options for alerts. This allows users to put all their most used software icons in one easily accessed location for ease of use and accessibility.

Organisation Wizard

Users are now able to access the Organisation wizard when creating a new organisation with the associated personnel and competence options. The ability to replicate current and create from template are included. The inclusion of the wizard harmonises the set up of organisations with the general approach taken in ToolKit CS™; users are guided through the process with the minimum of prompting so that setting up of data is both quick and error free wherever possible.

User Rights

User rights of access have been updated to give better control of access to Management Consoles, the editing of user accounts and the editing of report layouts. The modified routines aim to restrict use of these powerful modules to those who have the appropriate access permissions.

Enhancements In Release 10

Statistics Reporting

We have always been keen to give resilient statistics and reporting to ToolKit CS™ Managers. With CDM and Asbestos management consoles to generate their data, managers have instant access to a great deal of important management information about their areas of interest. Larger users, however, have demanded even more functionality. We have now included filtering in both CDM and Asbestos Statistics so that users can restrict reporting to their own individual project folders for instance. Where organisations are grouped in separate folders, users can filter their stats for competency and competency reviews as well. Again, Risk Assessments can be analysed across the entire database or filtered down to individual folders to identify where different levels of risk exist in the projects or sites served by the database.


Our auditing module has been enhanced so that administrators can see at a glance, where individual licenses are being over-used, where logons are failing due to invalid passwords and so on. The functionality of the Logon Audit viewer has been extended.

Licensing options

The licensing options in ToolKit CS™ have been extended. Administrators can now set up 'departmental licenses' within the overall concurrent user count purchased by the organisation. This allows administrators to assign for instance 20% of the licenses to Department A and 80% to Department B. There can be separate administrators or simply one depending on the organisation's needs. Users in the individual departments can be grouped so that they share varying permissions to share data, information, and library and policy information as appropriate to the best practice of the organisation.

Asbestos Interface

The development on the asbestos management interface has now produced an enhanced property wizard. This allows users to generate multiple properties or addresses at one go. Local Authorities with thousands of properties will benefit directly here; used together with the property cloning features, it is now very easy to set up large property portfolios using ToolKit CS™. In addition, we have provided a feature to stop the inadvertent editing of linked properties too.

This release includes a new set of asbestos item icons which have been designed for colour blind users. These can be selected in the Asbestos Setup part of the Administration Console.

External Documents

Many of our users want to use ToolKit™ as a primary link between project or site information and pre-existing external documents on their networks which is why ToolKit CS™ allows users to link external documents to the database. For instance, the Documents container in a CDM Project many include several external Microsoft Word documents. When these items are selected, the document preview screen in ToolKit™ has been enhanced to show more document information.

Import and Export

We introduced our report editor some time ago. The editor allows authorised users (authorised by the administrator) to edit the standard reports supplied by us so that they can be adapted to the user organisation's requirements. Extra data fields can be added and the report can be reformatted at will. Edited reports and their sub reports can now be exported to a ToolKit CS™ file which can then be forwarded to a third party using the ToolKit™ for them to import to their own system. This allows organisations to work together more easily using common format reports if they wish to and to share data accordingly. Note that the Report Editor is completely separate from the Document Editor, which has its own Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format and Adobe PDF file formats built in.

Reporting Enhancements

Reporting from the inbuilt word processor has always been one of the main building blocks of ToolKit™. The ability to add data fields 'on demand' in documents allows users to merge their own text with database information about their CDM projects or site related asbestos and to their own format. We have introduced some 'conditional' fields to improve reporting in the Form 10 for instance. Here, instead of simply reporting the number of contractors in the appropriate box on the Form 10, we have automated the input of "N/A" where there are none and the actual number where there are some. Users should investigate the 'Advanced Field Codes' section of the Product Guide for more technical information.

Knowledge Base Updates

There have been a number of minor amendments to our already extensive knowledge bases in both the Asbestos and CDM applications. These knowledge bases continue to be a major part of the ToolKit Compliance System and get extensive use in our customer base. Accordingly, we are always looking for extensions or additions from our customers to add into the applications.

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