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Design and Construction Materials

CDM (GB) Knowledge Base


The aim of this section is to identify hazards in the original design, make changes to the design and specification in order to eliminate or minimise these hazards following the hierarchy of risk control. Further, to record the remaining hazards and possible risks that will be encountered during the construction phase and for the life of the project in the health and safety plan and the health and safety file.

Demolition and dismantling is considered a construction process and is audited within this section.


New Services

All proposed new services should be identified within the health and safety plan. They should be illustrated on the drawings and particularly described.

Third Party Information

The advice, conditions, and codes of safety of the various authorities should be identified and copied as necessary into the health and safety plan.


The HSE provide advice in their Guidance Note series in the form of HS(G)47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Services, available from HSE Books.

Ground Level



Consider the following issues as they effect the access to from and around structures:


Consider the issues on all materials and substances used.

Construction Process

Consider the issues and the need for individual method statements:

Fixtures and Finishes

Consider the following issues in context:

Consider the issues arising from the following processes and the need for individual method statements:

Other Considerations

As a final check to this section, consider any other possible hazards within the construction process either below ground, at ground level, as part of the structure to be built, or in the use of specified materials that could give rise to a hazardous situation. Consider the effects of hazardous weather conditions, the location of the site and the proximity of other, possibly hazardous, enterprises.