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CDM Forum

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Latest Post: CDM: Advice on Legal Concern by Shirley on 13 May

This question needs to be directed to your Lawyer/Solicitor. Your contractual arrangements (and associated documents, emails etc) will need to be presented to them. Additionally, it could potentially assist them if you provided a timeline of what happened.

Asbestos Management Forum

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Latest Post: Asbestos Management: Can you describe the disposal methods for asbestos after it has been removed from a building? by James Steggles on 24 April

Just to qualify Shirley's response. The disposal must be by Licensed Waste Carrier. The question of removal will be dependent on the type and quantity of ACM. The ACM will normally be sealed or wrapped for transport, then taken to either a waste transfer station licensed to take ACMs or direct to a Waste tip licensed for Asbestos.