HSE - The Challenges Ahead

HSEThe HSE has published their annual report. Interestingly it identifies several plans and challenges that lie ahead for them for the rest of 2013 and going forward into 2014; these include:-

  • implementation of the National Code for local authority inspections
  • complete our programme of work to reform the health and safety system
  • make it easier for people to understand and do what is required
  • enable economic growth to take place in new and existing industries with good risk management in place
  • continue to take enforcement action against those who place their employees and others at unacceptable risk
  • undergo a Triennial Review which will examine the structure, form and governance of HSE

Like all organisations their strategy is to continue their steady progress and build on the invaluable contributions from their stakeholders. Their main aim is to continue the ongoing improvement in Britain's health and safety system and in what really counts, delivering better health and safety outcomes for everyone.

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