Ai Solutions Application Development Forum (ADF) June 2013

ToolKit CS is Windows 8 CompatibleThe Ai Solutions Application Development Forum (ADF) was held on June 11th 2013. Some new and refreshing ideas have come forward from our clients, thank you.

As ever, whether it is CDM or Asbestos related, we want to ensure that our customers get the most out of their ToolKit CS™ software. With new technologies imminent we want to utilise them and take the product forward into the future. We will of course ensure that product stays in line with any changes in legislation so you can rest easy. Nevertheless we are happy to say that some of the ideas that were tabled at the ADF will ensure we have a product that will stay on top!

We appreciate the feedback we get from our customers. As users of the system you are ideally placed to tell us where your business requirements are evolving; this enables us to provide a future-proof product that will stand the test of time. The team at Ai Solutions look forward to the next few months development-wise and we will continue to deliver new product to our users. Watch this space!


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