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Ill-Health Still a Major Issue in Construction

The HSE has recently published their latest health and safety statistics. It is very apparent from the stats that, although we are killing less people within construction, there are still a lot of ill-health issues that need to be addressed. The 2017 statistics show several key facts including 31.3 million working days are lost due to ill-health and non-fatal workplace injuries. This will be costing Construction Companies many millions of pounds. Along with this they have estimated that the Annual...
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HSE Latest Figures for Ill Health and Injury

The HSE has now published the latest figures for ill-health and injury on their web site. The figures show a slight fall in key areas between April 2011 and March 2012. So is this good news? Judith Hackitt believes so and states that "Any reduction in the number of people being injured or made unwell by their jobs should be welcomed. Given the challenging economic conditions which many sectors have faced in recent years it is particularly encouraging to see continued reductions in levels of injury...
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Latest Statistics on Fatal Injuries 2011/12

The HSE has now published the provisional data regarding fatal Injuries for the period April 2011- March 2012. The data suggests a leveling-off in the previous downward trend over the last four years. Is this down to better health and safety activity or the lessening on construction work happening at the moment? For a full review see
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HSE looks to industry

Although a long-term downward trend is still clear, the rate of decrease has slowed over the last 15 years and there has been very little change in the overall rate over the last five years. In construction there were 77 fatalities, equivalent to 3.7 deaths per 100 000 workers. Over the last 15 years there has been a statistically significant downward trend in the rate of fatal injury to workers; on average a 3.9% year on year decrease. However, the higher number and rate for 2006/07 changes a pattern...
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Work Related Injuries & Ill Health in Construction

Latest statistics from the HSE about Injuries and Ill Health in Construction. Follow this link: Latest Statistics.
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