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CDM2015 Architects and Designer Quick Guide

Who is the Principal Designer? Principal Designers are duty holders under CDM 2015 and appointed when there is more than one contractor. A Principal Designer can be one person or an organisation who is employed by a client. Principal Designers have to demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge and experience for any project they take on. What does the Principal Designer have to do? The Principal Designer has to plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate health and safety in the pre-construction stage...
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Judith Hackitt's Risk Assessment

At the Ai Solutions Health & Safety Conference in April it was suggested that Health & Safety awareness should start in schools so that young people have a 'good underpinning' to their knowledge. Health & Safety is always bottom of the list and, in some cases, it is not tabled as part of the standard cirriculum for some of the more 'technical' courses you would expect it to be part of (i.e. Built Enviornment). Many round the table at the conference stated that CDM and Health & Safety...
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