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HSE - Strategies and Plans

Earlier this year, the HSE published its strategies and plans going forward. 'Helping Great Britain Work Well' outlines their continuing influence on health and safety and includes:- Acting Together Tackling ill health Managing risk well Supporting small employers Keeping pace with change Sharing their success Because of their involvement the HSE has proven that, with care, planning and consideration, we can minimise worker deaths and injuries. ToolKit CS can also aid those who manage...
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Hierarchy of Risk Control for Designers

When designing projects with the avoidance of risk in mind the ACoP requires designers to apply the Hierarchy of Risk Control and the General Principles of Prevention. This is a series of steps to be followed when designing to eliminate and reduce risk by their design decisions, as follows: Consider whether it is possible to eliminate or control the hazard and the resulting risk by designing it out, i.e. design the roof with permanent safety rails. Next consider whether the...
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What is "Reasonably Practicable"?

Most of the duties under CDM2007 are qualified by the term "so far as is reasonably practicable". This is a judgement in which the quantum of risk is weighed against the cost to eliminate or reduce the risk. Where the risk is high, then the resources used to overcome that risk may also be considerable. This balance judges the risks to the health and safety of people against the costs involved in eliminating, reducing or controlling those risks.  This means that having identified a risk associated...
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