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Election 2017 - What Changes in Health and Safety?

With the election looming, all the major parties have produced their manifestos. These manifestos all include health and safety, so what can we look forward to after the elections in regard to health, safety and employment? Labour Party Pledged to work with the Health and Safety Executive Committee to introduce mandatory workplace risk assessments for pregnant workers and review the support offered to women in work who have suffered miscarriage. Say they will "crack down on unscrupulous...
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Mental Health within Construction

May is mental health month and we have seen a lot in the news about the effects, short and long term, to those who suffer with mental health problems. The construction industry has its own issues. Construction News posted the results of their 'Mind Matters' survey and the results were shocking. Over 55% of those that responded have experienced mental issues in their lives. Even more alarming is that 1 in 4 respondents has considered taking their own life. That is a quarter of our construction...
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