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Scaffolding - Dangers of Unsupervised Staff

A local company in St Albans has recently been fined due to lack of supervision of their staff. Luton magistrates' court that a 20 year old worker was working on scaffolding when he lost all points of contact while climbing a ladder. The court found that the worker was 'unsupervised' and 'working alone' on the scaffolding. They also noted that the worker was not put through any training. The recommended path is through CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolding Record Scheme) and all workers that...
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Scaffolding Serious Hazard

After recently reading about a scaffolder that has, very sadly, lost part of brain in fall from a scaffold we thought we would remind our readers about the serious hazards regarding scaffolding. The HSE has an FAQ about scaffolding on their web site and there are guidelines available that you can follow. Although it is too late for this unfortunate man we need to understand the seriousness of allowing untrained staff access to such dangerous structures. If not competent the worker should be supervised...
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Scaffold Collapse: Portsmouth

Strong winds are believed to have brought down the five storey scaffold at The Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea, Portsmouth. The scaffold was up because of renovation work being carried out on the hotel. Nobody was killed during the collapse, however six cars were badly crushed. Our readers will be aware that Milton Keynes also suffered a large scaffolding collapse back in 2009. This recent news re-highlights the importance or correct set up of scaffolds. The HSE has some frequently asked questions...
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