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Control of Lead at Work, Help from the HSE

For those of you who would like further help with the hazards of lead within the construction industry the HSE have published an Approved Code of Practice, L132. This document has accompanying guidance which is aligned to the regulations. As we all know Lead has been a major hazard for some time now however it is one danger that is far too often ignored on our construction sites. With many refurbishments being carried out on older premises the risk to workers is quite high. If you have concerns...
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Lead Paint Awareness for Program of Works

Are you initiating a new program of works? Where work is proposed and it will disturb paintwork, then you, employers and all workers on site must comply with The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 (CLAW). If the construction work undertaken is with a pre-1970 building be that demolition, refurbishment, maintenance, simple retro fitting or building repair the exposure risks of lead paint will be high.  It may be disturbing old paint beneath that has never been stripped properly. ...
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