Archive October 2019

Digital Life / Digital Construction

We all have a digital life today; IT is in everything we use. There has been a physical change to the way we operate with things like EPOS, emails, online shopping, music, cameras, games, mobile phones, tablets, laptops – to mention a few – are all integral to the way we function. Even now 'big data' says what our buying habits are and what trends are happening, it's all scary stuff isn't it? However, there are many positives to the digital world and one of these is digital BIM. BIM...
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Off Site Expo 2019

We were lucky enough to visit the OFFSITE Expo at the Rioch Arena in Birmingham recently. Within the construction industry we are now being more careful about what effects our buildings have on the environment. The event showcased new materials that are ecologically friendlier; the aim is to try and encourage more thoughtful design and building practices. This particular event concentrates on technologies and materials that are manufactured for use within the construction industry. This includes...
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