Archive October 2018

Recommendation for Tighter Asbestos Controls

There is a new white paper available from Lucion Services written by Charles Pickles MSc, BSc, CPP (Asbestos).  As we all know there is the 'duty to manage asbestos', this is the law. But how far have we come and, more importantly, how big is the current danger? Asbestos was used in construction as it was, before we knew any better, the new wonder material that allowed us to build fire-proofing into our buildings and in other construction assets.  It was particularly common during the...
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Design Out Risk With Virtual Reality

As you know Ai Solutions love technology and we recently read a super article in SHP worth a deep look. We have all used technology in one way or another in our business environments, well now you can take this further by using Virtual Reality (often referred to as 'VR') in your design. The use of virtual reality headsets is becoming more widespread, you can now use them to walk around your detailed 3D models. This will aid in getting feedback from potential customers, plus it allows you to reconsider...
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