Ecobuild 2018 Visit

EcoBuild 2018 - Photo (c) 2018 Shirley RadfordEarlier this week we visited the Ecoubuild 2018 Conference at ExCel London. Interestingly the whole conference was based around sustainability and going forward with plans for 2050. Although this may seem a little in the future, what we do today in regard to building, infrastructure and energy solutions will have a serious impact our planet.

The event was busy and set up in various sections so that designers, engineers and architects could target their visit to their own needs:-

  • Timber, an area where you can see first-hand timbers potential and learn from the experts on how you can apply timber technologies in design
  • Offsite, packed with innovation, new products and ask the expert sessions and the place to gain insights into how innovative technologies / approaches are tackling the challenges we face in future development
  • Concrete, a very versatile, efficient and resilient product, this area was where you could find out more on the latest technologies available to facilitate more sustainable structures
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure, from the workplace to the city nature can help make places better, here you could find inspiration and information on how this can be achieved
  • Infrastructure, with £600 billion of infrastructure projects in the pipeline this area guided you through potential solutions for the future
  • District Energy where you could find out how district energy systems can be applied in new development and also see the global innovators/technologies that can help cut carbon and energy costs
  • Energy and HVAC where you could learn about the application of renewable technologies, energy storage, electric vehicles, intelligent buildings, decarbonisation of heat as well as getting the inside track from energy suppliers
  • Building Performance where you could find out more about the tools, technologies, standards that can help a new build perform to expectations and enhance user well being
  • Conference Area which focused on the UN sustainable development goals, the new urban agenda and the Paris agreement

An interesting event, particularly for Designers, Architects, Engineers, Planners and Infrastructure Developers, outlining what new technologies are available to enable us to build a more sustainable Britain and planet.

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