Milton Keynes Chamber, Member Profile - Simon Hanks

Milton Keynes Chamber MemberWe are pleased to say that Milton Keynes Chamber decided to do an article on the Managing Director of Ai Solutions, Simon Hanks! The article, published in their February/March issue, was written for their member zone and can be found below. If you would like to view the magazine on line and the article visit MK Chamber News

What is your background?

Software development, banking, health and safety

What does your company do? 

Ai Solutions creates software to assist users in managing their roles and responsibilities in regard to Health and Safety law, in particular CDM (Construction, Design & Management), Asbestos and Legionella regulations.

How did it all start?

I started working with the company's software development team in 2006. My role then was to take the current software into the next level using the latest Microsoft technologies.

What's your greatest achievement so far?

Within Ai Solutions I'd say being asked to become Managing Director by the shareholders.

What is the biggest risk you've ever taken – and did it work out?

With Ai Solutions it would be advising the managers to invest heavily in running our own small server farm to allow us to provide a first class service delivering our software without the restrictions of location, or hardware specification for our customers. This liberated customers who were heavily working under a silo, with restrictive third party IT policies blocking best working practices. It was service delivery of our software across the Internet, before 'Cloud' became the choice of many. Alongside our Cloud platforms and solutions it's something that still benefits our customers.

What has surprised you most in your job?

Our customers' drive to work smarter through innovation, better working practices, and investment in their people to enable them to do their jobs better and deliver a better service to their customers.

What exciting projects is your business working on?

Ai Solutions have spent the past couple of years writing further web applications for the health and safety industry, alongside our existing main products. We have a new application for Water that covers the requirements of the Legionella Regulations. In conjunction we're redeveloping our other key products into web based versions. We also do seminars and information events and special events for our, very valued customers. For more information or to join our newsletter visit

What made you join Milton Keynes Chamber and/or how are you making use of your membership?

We've been a member for many years. I like being visible to local businesses and the Chamber keeps us informed of local news and activities. Along with this we like to tell people what we're doing and it's a good vehicle for this.


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