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ISO 14001 2015 Revisions: Are You Ready and Willing?

This year is going to be full of change. As well as the CDM (Construction, Design and Management) 2015 legislative changes, companies preparing for BIM (Building Information Modelling) Level 2 - there are also revisions being made to the Environmental Management standard 14001. The changes are due for implementation in Q3 2015 and are currently in draft form. ISO 14001 is the most popular of all the standards - which has been attributed to the continuous development of the content to keep it up to...
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Newsletter - January 2015 - CDM 2015 special

The January 2015 edition of the Ai Solutions Newsletter is now available. We start off the new year with CDM 2015. Asbestos is going to have it's own feature in our next newsletter and keep looking out for new blogs! We now have confirmation from the HSE that the CDM (Construction [Design and Management]) regulation changes are planned to go live in April 2015... Read on about CDM 2015 in our January Newsletter.  
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