WastePlan set to rock the World of Waste

Waste Plan Solutions logoWith BRE announcing that Smartwaste will no longer be available free as of March 16th one company looking forward to benefitting from this is Waste Plan Solutions Ltd, which has developed its own online software solution to SWMPs, called WastePlan.  WastePlan is priced per project, so for SME's it offers a very cost effective solution and is extremely simple and time efficient to use.  

Lara Ayris, M.D. of Waste Plan Solutions, voted Outstanding Woman in Construction 2012 for her work with SWMPs, doesn't hide the fact that WastePlan was developed initially for in-house use by Waste Plan Solution's consultants to speed up 'the process', which was previously based around using a combination of other templates usually specified by the clients.  However, as Lara now admits, more and more clients are doing more themselves using WastePlan, with an increasing number utilising WastePlan as purely their 'total solution to SWMPs'.  

With an annual fee starting at £950 for using Smartwaste, any smaller construction company running just 1 – 5 concurrent projects priced below £1m will save money using WastePlan. Waste Plan Solutions also has numerous testimonials from current users praising how simple to use and time efficient the software is.  Information from Waste Plan Solutions Ltd tells us that the use of WastePlan starts at just £90 + VAT (for a £300K project lasting 6 months), which demonstrates just what good value it is. Another major benefit of WastePlan is that, within the cost, Waste Plan Solutions maintains the Duty of Care database for you, satisfying your responsibilities and ensuring that all Waste Contractors and Processors are legitimately registered with the appropriate bodies and, if you need assistance with Hazardous Waste Licences or Exemptions, then Waste Plan Solutions has the appropriately trained staff to assist with these matters for a small extra charge.  

In addition to potential 'hard' cost savings, to quote one of WastePlan's users, Rebekah Adams of Watson & Cox Construction, 'It's so much quicker and easier to use than Smartwaste and I love how print friendly it is'. In fact, it's so easy to use that Waste Plan Solutions trains most users by phone, although formal training arrangements are also available.  To find out how your company can benefit from using WastePlan contact WPS on 01604 859961 or go to Waste Plan Solutions or Waste Plan.