Announcing ToolKit CS support for Windows 8

ToolKit CS is Windows 8 Compatible

ToolKit Compliance System from Ai Solutions works with Windows 8 to provide a comprehensive solution for all of your projects, properties and structures. Windows 8's beautiful new design, cloud connectivity, great hardware and solid foundation will further improve your experience using ToolKit CS™. 

ToolKit CS™ with its integrated knowledge basedocument templates and competency management, provides a comprehensive solution for all of your projects, properties and structures. It is fully audited & specifically designed to take the worry and stress out of compliance.

"Ai Solutions is excited to have a Windows 8-compatible version of ToolKit CS" said Shirley Radford, Sales & Marketing Manager at Ai Solutions Ltd. "We feel confident that Windows 8's new design, cloud connectivity and solid foundation will provide a great experience with ToolKit CS."

ToolKit CS™ has always been built to meet the expectations of Windows users, and with our hosted solution, management of Asbestos and CDM projects is also available using other platforms.

With the Windows® 8 operating system, ToolKit CS™ can run as a locally installed desktop application, or via our cloud hosted solution using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (included with all versions of Windows 8).

ToolKit CS™ Enterprise Web can be accessed using any desktop or mobile web browser, and the experience on Internet Explorer 10 running on Windows 8 is great too.

Our software is supported by consultancy and training, led by NEBOSH qualified staff.

"Windows has always been about giving developers the platform they need to build rich, compelling experiences for their customers," said Aidan Marcuss, Senior Director of Windows Core Marketing and Ecosystem at Microsoft. "Consumers and businesses alike will benefit from the new era of Windows that brings new experiences across PCs, laptops and tablets."

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