The Secret of Success

London 2012 StadiumLoughborough University were asked to produce a report on why the Olympics was so successful; identifying factors which have contributed to the London 2012 Olympic Park being delivered on time, on budget and with an exemplary health and safety record.

Their report "Pre-conditioning for success Characteristics and factors ensuring a safe build for the Olympic Park" highlighted the more human factors like respect, trust, clarity, pre-emption, challenge, consistency, collaboration, motivation, empowerment, communication, open-ness, fairness and assurance. Their practical influence on approaches to, and effectiveness of, leadership, worker involvement, cultural change, communication systems, risk management, monitoring and assurance are brought out.

At Ai Solutions we believe that interaction is key to successful management within CDM and many of our customers have already reaped the benefits of our collaborative approach. Much of what the report identifies should be common sense, the problem within the construction industry is the "silo approach" and the "its not my problem" style of thinking. The sooner we learn from the experiences at the Olympics the better.

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