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Construction For Growth

We read recently that the UK's construction workforce has declined to its lowest level since 2001 with a total of 1,996,000 workers according to recent Office National Statistic (ONS) labour market statistics. Figures show that there have been over 45,000 jobs lost and a 5% reduction in construction output contributing to the return of recession. However this month (September) we understand that a new industry campaign has started; Construction4Growth is calling on Government to invest in construction...
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Safe & Sound at Work - do your bit

For those of you who like to keep abreast of things this may be of interest to you. Following the successful delivery of HSE's "Safe and sound at work - do your bit" training initiative, HSE has made the training materials available for download via the HSE website. The materials are aimed at training professionals and any employers who have the necessary resources/knowledge and training expertise to deliver the training 'in-house'. Please visit Safe & Sound at Word - Do Your Bit.
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TUC: Climate Change and a 'Just Transition'

We read an interesting article from the TUC regarding climate change. Their view is that although this inevitable there needs to be considerable investment to facilitate a 'Just Transition' for workers. A paper regarding a green future which details their five key principals of a just transition, is available from A Green and Fair Future (PDF)
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Staffordshire School, Dangerous Asbestos Fibres

We are still seeing major issues around the management of asbestos. Recently Staffordshire County Council has had to admit liability when dangerous asbestos fibres were released in one of their schools. The result is a hefty fine after they admitted failing to ensure persons not in its employment were not exposed to risks. Unfortunately cases such as these are still fairly common and yet they can be easily avoided by having an Asbestos Management System in place. Ai Solutions can provide this for...
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HSE Legionella Safety Notice

This month the HSE is encouraging companies to re-check and ensure hot and cold water systems are not a legionella risk. In particular Leisure Centres with spa pools, and Care Homes are among the businesses being urged to do more to protect workers and members of the public from legionella risks. For more on this story visit Companies warned to ensure hot and cold water systems are not a legionella risk.
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"Sharp Rise" in Enforcement Notices in Scotland

We read recently in the SHP (Safety & Health Practitioner) that the number of Improvement and Prohibition Notices issued to Scottish organisations in the first half of this year is on course to increase by around 38 per cent compared with the corresponding period last year. Why is this the case? Are HSE officers starting to act more on poor standards leading to serious heath and safety shortcomings? Others have suggested that the introduction of the HSE 'cost recovery' scheme has impacted...
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Summary of the Proposed Planning Changes

For those of you that are interested, the Government has announced changes regarding planning. This has come to a head as, due to the current economic climate, the Government wanted to give the construction industry a well needed boost. Additionally David Cameron wanted to 'simplify' the planning process for home owners and businesses alike. The Do I Need Planning Permission web site takes you through a summary of the proposed planning changes
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Asbestos 'Dumped' in County Cork

One of our readers has highlighted a very interesting story in the Irish Independent regarding am illegal dump of asbestos. With nobody obviously admitting responsibility  it could cost the authorities more than 1.5million euros to clean up. For more on this story read State faces €1.5m asbestos dump bill
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Newsletter - September 2012

The September 2012 edition of the Ai Solutions Newsletter is now available: September Newsletter.
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