Reducing Workplace Asthma Can Save Millions

Asthma InhalerWe recently read that there are various occupational health hazards that are causing illnesses among employees, asthma caused due to workplace pollutants like dust, latex, isocyanates or flour is burdening the UK economy to a very large extent.

The research pointed out that an estimated 3,000 new employees are identified with occupational asthma each year. Yet this condition seems to be under diagnosed.

According to a reputed journal Thorax, millions are spent each year from the country's treasury towards workplace asthma. However the most noted factor was that, though workplace contributes majorly to inflicting employees with asthma, an employer's contribution towards its treatment costs are minimal i.e. 3 to 4%.

In these current financial times perhaps more employers should look to issues like these in order to cut back on some of their costs.

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