Save Cost, Improve Safety & Improve Compliance by Working Together

We have been involved with the theory of joined up working for a number of years; more importantly, we have been even more involved in its practical aspects. The concept is capable of delivering enormous benefits, primarily in reducing the cost of improving Health & Safety management and ensuring compliance. So we can do what the law requires, save money and save lives in one hit!

Which is why, for instance, Transport for London (TfL) have been so keen to promote integration and a good attitude to Health & Safety with their operational staff, led by their internal Health & Safety team and with their contractors. But the word is spreading. The London Borough of Hounslow has, like TfL, implemented comprehensive CDM processes that facilitate sharing of data. The City of Westminster is busy updating its CDM processes, using tried and tested methods from Hounslow, to maximize the benefits and maintain CDM compliance.

Effective use of CDM within an organization can be considerably enhanced by sharing data with other involved and suitably authorized parties. For example, a London borough undertaking construction work at the site of a Transport for London installation would benefit considerably by having access to relevant sections of the TfL Health and Safety File for that installation.

There is a significant opportunity for everyone involved.

The first step is a simple audit of CDM processes. We will discuss with you any areas we find where your cost effective compliance with CDM regulations might be improved. We will work with you to support best practice based on our considerable experience in local authorities and other major customers, such as EDF Energy and TfL.

And then we would be delighted to help you 'join up' your processes towards the goal of getting CDM working together across London, for your benefit and that of everyone else involved.

Contact us to arrange your audit. After that you will decide whether you wish to enlist our support for management of CDM in your organization and / or progress towards working across London.

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