ToolKit Compliance System Update

Our regular six monthly product update is now on release to our customers. The update, code number 11f, includes:

  • New Knowledge Base Viewer
  • CDM
    • Enhanced CDM Management Console and Statistics
    • Automated update of Project events
    • Personnel website and email addresses more visible within Projects
    • Ability to select Explorer folder during Project Wizard
  • Asbestos
    • Enhanced Management Console and Statistics
    • Export Item Data to CSV from within each Property
    • Survey History sub-form
    • Enhanced Location Wizard
    • Ability to select Explorer folder during Property Wizard
  • Organisations / Personnel
    • Obsolete flag to hide organisations and personnel from selectors
    • Mobile phone numbers more visible
  • Documents / Reports / Print Preview
    • New column-based layouts in sub-reports
    • Previous Versions available for Reports
    • Document Editor enhancements
  • Administration
    • Updated User Account list
    • Viewing of Audit information from within each User Account
  • Enhanced support for SQL Server Replication

This is an important update for our ToolKit CS™ customers and sets the stage for the CDM2 enhancements which will be released in time for the new legislation.

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