Archive April 1999

Asbestos Dust Kills

Guidance for employees on wearing respiratory protective equipment for work with asbestos Why is asbestos dangerous? Breathing in asbestos fibres can lead to asbestos-related diseases. These are mainly cancers of the chest and lungs and they kill more people than any other single work-related cause. There is a long delay between first exposure to asbestos and the start of disease. This can vary between 15 and 60 years. The vast majority of people now dying from asbestos-related diseases...
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Working with Asbestos in Buildings

Essential advice for workers carrying out: Building maintenance Building repair Building refurbishment Building services Asbestos: The hidden killer! Are you at risk? What does this leaflet tell you and who is it for? This leaflet tells you where you are most likely to find asbestos and how to protect yourself when working with it. It will be particularly useful for anyone involved in building maintenance, repair or refurbish-ment work, for instance, plumbers, carpenters and electricians.
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