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The designer should be aware of, and assess the risks from, the following principal hazards in the installation, maintenance and cleaning of external cladding.

Some hazards and risks

  • working at height: during erection, cleaning, maintenance and repair
  • falling objects during erection, cleaning, maintenance and repair
  • handling and transportation at many stages during the installation process. Cladding sections are usually of a size and shape to make safe transport and handling difficult
  • glazing including accidental breakage during transportation, installation, replacement, cleaning etc
  • hazardous substances such as paints, sealants, insulation materials

Some design considerations to reduce or eliminate hazards

  • design cladding details to incorporate lifting and handling measures
  • design jointing details that permit safe and easy installation
  • design elements which can be cleaned and replaced easily
  • incorporate restraints for cleaning and maintenance equipment into the design
  • ensure the design incorporates adequate access for installation, cleaning, and repair
  • co-operate with the designer of the structural frame to ensure primary fixings are safe and easy to install