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CIRIA R166 Design Process

Designers Knowledge Base

CIRIA provide many reports for the construction industry and they are often used as the basis for best practice. The CIRIA Report 166 is an example of this and is used by some designers as the basis for their risk assessments; for others it is excellent reference material. The format is provided below in some 35 sections. The underlying process is no different to any other risk assessment. The full R166 process includes assessments at the concept, scheme and detail stages. In addition, it includes the necessity to provide reports for hazards and risks and associated method statements where relevant;

  1. That have been designed out by and are to be kept as an audited record for the designer
  2. To be included in the construction phase plan
  3. To be included in the health & safety file

The CIRIA R166 route therefore has the capacity to include at least 3 reports at each of the 3 design stages.

The following topics are available under CIRIA R166 Design Process: