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Pre-Cast Concrete

Designers Knowledge Base


In specifying the use of pre-cast concrete in his design the designer should be aware of, and assess the risks from, the following principal hazards.

Possible hazards and risks

  • lifting and handling should be taken into consideration when specifying the shape, height and weight of the unit
  • crushing caused by immaturity of concrete unit in lifting or by inadequate lifting points
  • falling from height whilst accessing, locating, or fixing units
  • collapse of pre-cast units may occur if not propped to carry the in-situ topping and temporary load or if it is unable to carry loading

Some design considerations

The specification of pre-cast concrete for use in a construction project requires the consideration of:

  • a clear definition of the designer's preferred construction sequence to the principal contractor in the construction phase plan
  • can the units be easily transported and lifted to their likely positions from the transporter to avoid double handling?
  • specification of how the units are to be protected, handled, lifted and positioned and specify lifting points
  • minimise and simplify locating and fixing procedures and details especially at height or depth
  • detailing of reinforcement cages should identify lifting points