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Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

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The detail in this section will form part of the Health and Safety File. Information for inclusion in this section will be obtained from the designers and the contractors engaged on the project. The health and safety file will be drawn up during the planning and design stage of the project and updated during, and on completion of, the construction stage. Examples of the types of information required for this section are:

  • The safe means of access provided for the cleaning, maintenance and repair of the structure including roof, windows and cladding. Details of items such as window cleaning cradles, safety bolts etc. should be included.
  • Details of the facilities provided for the safe maintenance of the structures services and facilities including any lifting equipment.



Is any specialist involvement or monitoring required for the foundations such as adjustment of hydraulic jacks?


What access arrangements have been designed for maintenance and repair to the various services and will any confined space or restricted space be entered? Be aware that safe access should include enough space for the transport of tools, materials and spare parts and that considerations such as lighting should be taken into account.

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Ground Level



  • What arrangements are there for access of maintenance vehicles?
  • Are there restricted routes for maintenance vehicles due to loading restrictions?

Is there adequate manoeuvrability and SAFE access afforded for:

  • Vehicles.
  • Replacement parts.
  • Personnel from ground level to any height to allow proper maintenance and repair of the project.
  • Cleaning windows, structures etc.

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General Structure:

To what extent is there adequate manoeuvrability and access to allow proper cleaning, maintenance and repair of the internals and externals of the project for:

Roofs and Voids:

What is the designed method for safe access to:

  • Ceiling voids?
  • Internal roof space?
  • External surface of roofs?

Will entry to any of the roof or void areas involve personnel entering a confined space or a restricted space? Has the roof any fragile areas which require crawling boards, or are there any fragile roof lights which require guarding? Have the roof edges been provided with guard rails etc?

Checks to include:

  • Structural sufficiency of walkways.
  • Provision of guard rails.
  • Adequate manoeuvring space for personnel and equipment.

Drawings and Documentation:

The Health and Safety File should include all drawings documentation and calculations for the structural elements of the project.

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Fixtures and Finishes



  • Internal services within a project must be planned for ease of their installation and access for their future maintenance and repair.
  • The position of all services and the means of access must be described on the 'as built' drawings.
  • Particular hazards in respect of installed services must be identified in the Health and Safety File.



  • Hazards associated with materials specified for future maintenance and repair - in particular matching like with like - must be identified and recorded in the Health and Safety File.

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Other Considerations

As a final check to this section, consider any other possible hazards within the completed project either below ground, at ground level, as part of the structure, its finishing and fixtures and fittings including any specialist installation that could give rise to a hazardous situation during cleaning, maintenance or repair.