States of Jersey

Implementation of a CDM Management System for States of Jersey Infrastructure Team


In 2016 the States of Jersey introduced their CDM Regulations as a way of managing CDM projects safely. Jersey have their own unique set of regulations that are policed by the Health and Safety Inspectorate (HSI). The Management in Construction (Jersey) Regulations 2016 (CDM2016) were brought into force in October 2016 and replaced the 'Construction (Safety Provisions) (Jersey) Regulations 1970' and the 'Approved Code of Practice Managing Health and Safety in Construction' (ACoP 11).


The council also provide guidance on the regulations so that all those involved in construction can easily access and understand their duties.

Carolyn Lennox, the Head of Health and Safety for the States of Jersey, was introduced to Ai Solutions by a work associate and, as she was looking for a way to manage the process within her team, she approached us and we undertook a demonstration. As we had already incorporated the States of Jersey regulations into our CDM product Carolyn saw the potential.

States of Jersey Infrastructure Team; Objectives

The main objective was to ensure CDM compliance for the Infrastructure team. As the regulations were new Carolyn wanted to give the team a tool to manage their projects as well as making sure they were compliant with the new CDM2016 regulations.

It was important for Carolyn to provide 24/7 access to the system so that those involved with the CDM process had access to up to date CDM information whenever they needed it, in the office, on site, on the move.

As the regulations were new Carolyn also wanted to be sure that the system was 'up to date' with the specifics of the Jersey regulations; it was imperative that the system has to always be in line with the latest regulations as they differ to the British regulations in terminology and principals. Along with these requirements Carolyn also wanted peace of mind, knowing their data was completely current and was regularly backed up.


Carolyn elected for the ToolKit CS™ (CDM) hosted provision as this ensured 'the latest' CDM2016 regulations as well as facilitating heir requirement for 24/7 access. Ai Solutions worked alongside Carolyn to set up template projects for both notifiable and non-notifiable works. These templates included set document templates that were required under the regulations as well as internal documents that were part of the States of Jersey CDM process.


Once we had the templates set up we set about producing a CDM Guidance document. The aim of the document was to provide end users of the system with the right information to use the ToolKit CS™ system to start, manage and complete their CDM projects. This document was part CDM process but also contained the 'how to' help for the end users.

The next stage of the implementation process was to train all the end users. The training was split into System Administrator training as well as end user training in the product. The training of the users was done face to face to ensure the team understanding of the system, this was completed on site in Jersey at their 'state of the art Recycling Centre'. The end users are then provided with the CDM Guidance document to support them in their use of ToolKit CS™.

The States of Jersey Secure CDM Portal was then made available for the external users so that they could assess CDM information 24/7. The external parties will be provided with a secure login that would restrict their access to the system but still allow them to view CDM project related information as well as view any documentation as they needed it.

The ToolKit CS™ system also facilitates CDM Statistics on any non-compliance issues regarding CDM projects. This 'highly visible' facility has allowed Carolyn and the management team to keep abreast of any issues that arise during implementation of CDM projects.


Initially there were some minor teething problems with access due to network restrictions, however these are all now resolved. The ToolKit CS™ CDM Management System successfully provides States of Jersey with a CDM management system that has information that can be shared between all required parties. ToolKit CS™ ensures that the council have the ability to share information 24/7 and allows them to be 'compliant' with the CDM2016 regulations. With access to the knowledgebase anyone working on a construction project has free access to the latest help, guidance and regulations in regard to CDM.

Along with this Carolyn is very happy with the service and support provided by the team at Ai Solutions, this includes IT Support as well as the training provided.