SHE Exhibition, Harrogate

Past Event: This event has already happened.

Date: 15 October 2002

Ai Solutions Ltd have just launched their new asbestos management software called Asbestos ToolKit CS™. They will be demonstrating the new product at the SHE exhibition together with their updated market leading CDM software.

The new asbestos legislation requires that if you own, occupy, manage or have responsibilities for premises which may contain asbestos, you will either have:

Asbestos ToolKit CS™ is software for managing asbestos risk. It complies with the 2002 regulations, HSE guidance and MDHS 100 documentation.

The regulations have taken many months in development and consultation. Likewise, our software has been developed in tandem with HSE's work, following their guidance and liaison. This has allowed us to release the management solution at the same time as the legislation.

The tailor made product is designed to meet the strategy required by companies with large numbers of premises or asbestos items and to manage them using large database engines.

The use of profiling allows the product to be equally suited to many different types of user from the front desk to the surveyor to the facilities manager and CEO.


Working in Partnership with HSEAi Solutions Ltd is a registered partner with the HSE in promoting and giving training about the new legislation.