Partnership with CDM Solutions

Partnership with ATEB ConsultCDM Solutions Ltd provide consultancy, training and contract management services. They provide a UK wide service which includes providing companies and their employees with advice on health and safety issues; advising on the CDM2015 Regulations; health and safety training; providing contract management services for construction projects and advising on development projects.

Since their inception they have provided CDM consultancy services to Clients on a wide range of projects including: multi-million-pound developments; construction of waste recycling facilities; office facilities; demolition, remediation, enabling / refurbishment works for new residential / commercial developments; earthworks and ground investigation projects plus a host of others.

As well as their CDM consultancy services, CDM Solutions Ltd also provide training to industry on the CDM2015 Regulations and are an APS Accredited Course Provider.

Ai Solutions is working with CDM Solutions Ltd to provide an expansive Knowledgebase for Health and Safety, in particular CDM and Risk Management.

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