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Requirements for place of work at height

CDM (Jersey) Knowledge Base

CDM (Jersey) 2016 Regulations
Please note this topic relates to the CDM (Jersey) 2016 Regulations. If you are looking for the CDM 2015 (Great Britain) Regulations, please see the CDM (GB) Knowledge Base

These requirements refer to regulation 27(2)(a)) and they state that a place of work at height must:-

  • Be stable and of sufficient strength and rigidity for the purpose for which it is intended to be or is being used;
  • Where applicable, rest on a stable, sufficiently strong surface;
  • Be of sufficient dimensions:-
    • to permit the safe passage of persons
    • to permit the safe use of any plant or materials required to be used
    • to provide a safe working area having regard to the work to be carried out there;
  • Possess suitable and sufficient means for preventing a fall
  • Possess a surface that has no gap:-
    • through which a person could fall
    • through which any material or object could fall and injure a person,
    • that gives rise to any other risk of injury to a person, not being a risk against which measures have been taken to protect persons
  • Be so constructed and used, and maintained in such condition, as to:-
    • control the risk of slipping or tripping
    • prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any person from being caught between it and any adjacent structure
  • Where it has moving parts, be prevented by appropriate devices from moving inadvertently during work at height