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HSE Asbestos Awareness Campaign

Asbestos Knowledge Base

We are continuing to support HSE by publicizing their Asbestos Awareness Campaign. This is part of our remit to improve health & safety in the construction industry with audited management information systems. The article "The Duty to Manage Asbestos", written by the HSE, contains much advice and guidance for everyone involved in the subject.

A key issue is that many buildings managers are both unaware that they have responsibilities for asbestos and are not briefed on how they should approach the issue and do not understand the restricted timescale the new law will give them to carry out their duties. This, coupled with the inadequate resources for surveying asbestos in the UK, adds up to a mix that is likely to go badly wrong for a majority of building managers unless they tune into their new duties quickly. The HSE have a briefing programme to help manage this.

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