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Asbestos Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

The Asbestos Knowledge Base is provided to support ToolKit CS™ users in the management and surveying process, including, but not limited to, building managers, facilities managers, estate managers and asbestos contractors or surveyors.

The knowledge base references the Control of Asbestos at Regulations 2012 (CAR12), requiring all duty holders to have appropriate management procedures in place.

The knowledge base references material published by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK including their management guidance through the following publications;

It should be remembered that the regulations have been introduced to help reduce the number of deaths from asbestos related diseases which are forecast to rise until about the year 2020. Forecasts for asbestos related illnesses vary and we have tried to give an indication of the figures being used. In addition it should be noted that the regulations were much delayed because the of the difficulty in deciding on the definition of the duty holder. The current omission of most, but not all, domestic premises from the regulations is not expected to remain for long.

Many organisations will be wary of the costs involved in meeting their obligations to manage the risks from asbestos. The numbers being used in the press vary according to the perspective of the originator. We have tried to give a balanced view for the benefit of our users.

The management process that organisations need to sign up to will vary according to their complexity and their own needs. We have tried to indicate how this process could work and give the opportunity to integrate it with project management.