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Assess the Potential Risk from ACMs

Asbestos Knowledge Base

The duty holder needs to assess whether the ACMs are being or are likely to be disturbed. This is usually caused by people working at or near the ACMs. Then a decision should be made on how to manage and control any potential risks that disturbance may generate. To do this the following factors need to be considered;

  1. The information regarding the location, amount and condition of the ACM
  2. The position of the ACM and the likelihood of it being disturbed
  3. How much ACM is present (Duplication)
  4. Whether there is easy access to the ACM
  5. Whether people work near the ACM in a way that is likely to disturb it
  6. If it is close to areas where people normally work when it is disturbed
  7. The numbers of people who use the area
  8. Whether maintenance, refurbishment or other work is carried out in the vicinity of the ACM

Having established the information required, the duty holder now needs to prepare and implement a plan to manage these risks.