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Informing People at Work about ACMs

Asbestos Knowledge Base

Everyone working in or your premises needs to be made aware of any ACMs found there and the risks to them. This includes visiting workers and contractors on your site. Part of the management process is to set up procedures to inform these people and having put the procedure in place, to monitor it to see if it can be improved and to ensure that an auditing process is in place so that others, including the HSE, can see that the process is working.

There is no legal guidance as to how you should inform. however, the list here should be a good starting point depending on the size and complexity of the duty holders environment;

  • Provide copy of ACM records, including a schematic location diagram, in reception with Visitors Book
  • Provide Permit to Work system to include awareness briefing on ACM records
  • Provide Signage on or near ACMs
  • Provide access by signature to ACM areas with entry system
  • Provide document or electronic information with access available to third parties