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What to tell workers and contractors

Asbestos Knowledge Base

Duty holders are required to make information on the location and condition of asbestos available to anyone liable to work on it or disturb it. The duty holder is also required to ensure that the workers know that there are potential risks to their health if they disturb the ACMs. If workers do have to work on these materials, the duty holder must ensure that they know they are working with asbestos and what precautions they are required to take. The HSE's advice is this;

Make sure that they DO;

  1. Keep everyone out of the work area who does not need to be there
  2. Take care not to create dust
  3. Keep material wet, whenever possible
  4. Wear a suitable respirator and protective clothing
  5. Clean up with a vacuum cleaner which complies with BS 5415 (Type H)

Make sure that they DO NOT;

  1. Break up large pieces of asbestos materials
  2. Use high speed power tools - they create high levels of dust
  3. Expose other workers who are not protected
  4. Take protective clothing home to wash