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Health & Safety Risks

Asbestos Knowledge Base

The risks to personnel carrying out asbestos surveys, and in turn to the personnel who may be working in the same environment as the surveyor, must be assessed before surveys are carried out. The HSE state that the risks to all personnel should be reduced to 'as low as reasonably practicable' during a survey and they and others offer much advice and guidance on this. The client should be asked to provide as much information as possible to help this risk assessment process to a successful conclusion by co-operating in the provision of the following information where appropriate;

Surveyors need to consider their safe work procedures and personal protective equipment for the survey and their decontamination and disposal arrangements on completion. The risk assessment should identify the issues and precautions required to provide a safe working environment for them and other personnel working in the same environment.

  1. Working at heights, in ceiling voids or on fragile roofs
  2. Working on operable machinery or plant
  3. Working in confined spaces
  4. Chemical hazards
  5. Electrical hazards
  6. Biological hazards
  7. Noise hazards
  8. Lone working