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Record Keeping

Asbestos Knowledge Base

Recording information is an important part of the development of the management plan. The ACOP Paragraph 84 states that the ways in which information is recorded on the whereabouts of ACMs and how they will be managed will vary, but the information needs to be stored in an easily accessible form. The ACOP then gives the example of using computer records and storing information on the Internet. It is interesting to reflect that when the CDM regulations came into force in 1995 computer solutions were thin on the ground and the Internet was the last place most organisations would look for working solutions. In 2003 this is very different.

We now have the choice of standalone solutions on laptops for data collection of survey information, multi-site solutions on major data bases for managing asbestos in our workplace and Internet, Intranet and Xtranet interfaces to allow any one including - and especially including contractors - who need to access asbestos register information before during and after working on site. And everything is instantly available for anyone who needs asbestos information, or, through knowledge management and library interfaces, information about asbestos.

In our experience, no one is more keen than the HSE to see good, resilient computer systems in place to manage and audit the management of asbestos.