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Compliance Officer

Asbestos Knowledge Base

Compliance Officers;

  1. Ensure compliance with HSE regulations in the workplace.
  2. Need to be aware of the master documents regarding health and safety policy, the management of asbestos including the risk assessment process used and the conclusions that were reached and by whom.
  3. Need to review the current action plan / task list and be aware of who is taking on the responsibility of seeing that the various outstanding tasks are being fulfilled in a timely manner commensurate with the risks found.
  4. Need assurance that all the personnel in the risk assessment and management process, internal and external are competent, trained, and up to date with their information.
  5. Need to have a system to review current asbestos tasks and to perform spot checks from time to time by using an enquiry system.

The following items will help with the role holder;

  • Monthly Report showing latest risk assessments and actions planned
  • up to date on line lists of;
    • all asbestos items and status of each
    • asbestos risks
    • view of all tasks / my tasks
    • view of all building drawings per site indicating where asbestos items are
  • Search button for on line enquires
  • Link to my organisation's records for my competence certificates, policy documents and general details
  • List of call out personnel and emergency contact numbers for out of hours contact