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Site Operatives & Contractors

Asbestos Knowledge Base

Site Operatives;

  1. Needs to be briefed about the asbestos risks that exist and the precautions that are either in place or that need to take when gaining access to the buildings.
  2. Needs to sign a document to say that they have been briefed and how that briefing took place. If a document was used, there needs to be a record of the document version and reference number. This may be part of the visitor entry procedure, a 'permit to work' arrangement or other process deemed to be suitable by the duty holder.
  3. Needs to be sure that the work place is safe to operate in for the duration of the work.

See Also;

The following items will help with the role holder;

  • Search routine to find building and all asbestos items therein plus sketch map
  • Diary system for signing in, having read asbestos register, having taken relevant precautions, aware of requirements for PPE etc
  • Integration with Visitors book, permit to work, entry badges and so on