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Duty Holder and Building Manager

Asbestos Knowledge Base

Duty Holder;

  1. Has the duty to manage all the risks from asbestos on the site so that the workplace is safe.
  2. Provides asbestos reports showing how risks from asbestos are managed across all the buildings under his or her control.
  3. Maintains a database of buildings / floors / rooms and asbestos items that have been identified, put on a sketch map and attached to the building folder in the asbestos register database.
  4. Has appointed asbestos contractors to carry out surveys according to the HSG264. The data provided by the contractor is entered in the asbestos register database and can be viewed through computerised reports or attached documents to the relevant building folder in the database.
  5. Has carried out risk assessments of all the buildings and can be viewed in tables or grids with sorted columns so that users can immediately see where the priorities to manage are.
  6. Enters tasks against items and these can be viewed in the task grid or on individual reports which can be generated and viewed in a reports folder.
  7. Needs to alert or inform all the personnel in the organisation about recent asbestos risk assessments and the summary lists of the asbestos items under his or her control. This is to alert others that the management process is in place and so that they can treat the recorded items accordingly.
  8. Uses the knowledge base for updates on the requirements of the legislation and to help train other personnel in he organisation about their duties and about asbestos.
  9. Uses the links to the Internet to research important information including HSE updates.
  10. Uses shortcuts on the left pane to help find things quickly.
  11. Uses the Organisation database folders to maintain communications, including letters e-mails and faxes, copies of reports, audit information including questionnaires to third party organisations. This allows the all users to have an online record of what has been said and done by whom.
  12. Give consideration to the need to be open with information to those who need it and to restrict it to those who will make adverse use of it. The need to know principle is good management practice.

The following items will help with the role holder;

  • Monthly Report showing latest risk assessments and actions planned
  • up to date on line lists of;
    • all asbestos items and status of each
    • asbestos risks
    • view of all tasks / my tasks
    • view of all building drawings per site indicating where asbestos items are
  • Search button for on line enquires
  • Link to my organisation's records for my competence certificates, policy documents and general details
  • List of call out personnel and emergency contact numbers for out of hours contact